Justice League this weekend

Justice-League-Movie-Review-2017Ok..so I’m finally going to be seeing Justice League with The Geeky Mom this weekend (hooray for grandparents sleepover nights).  I’m doing this despite all the negative press I’ve seen.  This kind of got me thinking…WHY IS EVERYONE SO KEEN TO DUMP ON THE DCEU??  Like seriously…every single movie that comes out someone has something negative to say.  Don’t get me started on the negative nelly reviewers who complain and complain about the characters ..like this jackass’ post about Superman –>HERE<–  Seriously…this guy wouldn’t know character development if it bit him in his typing hand. I’m actually tempted to do a paragraph by paragraph rebuttal of his entire article.  Seriously…If you had powers and people were constantly crapping on you despite your efforts, I would think I would be a tad bit brooding too.  Not to mention how ol’ Clark was treated prior to his donning the Red Cape…Kind a leaves a bad taste in your mouth for the human race that you’re supposed to be protecting and saving all the time.  Conflicted much?

But I’m veering.  I guess I’m just wondering why everyone craps on DC but every single thing that Marvel puts out is gold in the world of reviews and fans.  Is it the fan base?  Is it the studios?

See..I liked Man of Steel, I liked Dawn of Justice, I liked the original Batman Movies, save maybe for Nipple Batsuit Clooney, and I Even liked all the Chris Nolan Batman movies.  Aside from the older Batman sequels, I thought all the DC movies were dark, developed the characters well and left you wanting more.  Were there moments in those movies that maybe were a little odd or a slightly less thought through..absolutely…but tell me what action/superhero movie doesn’t (I’m looking at you Spiderman 3).  I guess, with all the negativity out there it’s frustrating that movies full of great characters aren’t given their due just because of some reviewer’s shoulder chip.


Geek Vs. Chic


I have a love of pop culture.  I like to be up on (best as an almost 40 year old geezer can be) the latest coming and goings of celebrities I like, actors, musicians, all of that.  I have to add that I only give a hoot about the ones with real talent, not these pseudo-celebrities who have no talent other than being on reality tv, followed by millions of twitter followers or in tabloids every damn day…(I’m looking at you Kardashian/Jenner families)

So, with the constant media coverage of these idiots and their duckface selfies, I am growing ever concerned with the kind of role models my two daughters are going to be growing up with in the years to come.  I mean look at what it’s like now, I can only imagine how things are going to progress in the next 10-15 years. I just don’t get what the appeal is for the people who follow and emulate these idiots and copy their selfies, their fashion,  These girls who put all the value into physical appearance and having the latest and greatest cell phone, best clothes, coolest online personae.

As a parent this scares the poop out of me.  I don’t want kids who place more value on material or shallow things than they do on honour, honesty, bravery, willingness to fight for what’s right.

This is why I love the geek world and I have been showing my girls the geek world.  Many of the female characters tend to be strong, independant, tough, fighters, leaders.  They aren’t usually the type to wait for the man to save them.  No damsels in distress for my girls.  Granted…they’re only 5 and 3 so they still love Disney Princesses, Barbie, My little Pony and others.  But I always encourage exposure to strong female characters.  Anna and Elsa (Frozen), Astrid (How to Train a Dragon series), Merida (Brave) to name a few, as well as many of the characters in the Marvel and DC universes…well most of them…sorry kids..no Jessica Jones until you’re older.  Yes she’s a strong female character but a little dark for my kids’ age range…hehe.  When my youngest daughter’s Halloween choices were Maleficent and girly Darth Vader (she has a thing for villains) well I know I’m doing something a little bit right.

I can’t force them to like everything I like, Lord knows I’ve tried….but when I give them the choice between watching something fluffy and simple or something more in the “geek” vein and they choose to go geek…I always smile