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Holy Crap…What a month

OMG…has it really been a month.  I guess I have been really busy just doing the every day Daddy thing and haven’t had much time for blogging..but I will from now on..promise.

What’s new?  Well we took our first family trip with the baby (who just celebrated a 1 year birthday..again…how time flies) Totally different/harder experience traveling with an infant.  Not sure I’ll do it again but it was an experience.  The airplane was fine..she slept…she eats what we eat now so no big deal there.  Biggest thing was all the crap we needed to haul with us for her…as the locals in Cuba would say Ai carumba..ok maybe that’s what Speedy Gonzales would say..but whatever…I don’t speak the language.  Was a good time though.

Harry Potter Opens soon…can’t wait

Another Avatar Video?  Cash grab…sheesh

That’s about it from me for now..I’ll try to make this a more regular thing.