Best PERSON for the Job

Ok. Real quick rant here. I’m seeing a lot of hate being directed at Joss Whedon, especially on twitter, over information coming out that he is being tapped to write and direct a Batgirl movie. The fanboys/Buffy/angel crowd LOVE it. Then there’s the group of people, a vast many of them that all they’re saying is “why not a woman director” etc. How Hollywood is sexist etc etc.

Here’s my issue. Isn’t equality about being the best person for the job. Not man. Not woman. Person. Why would you offer a property worth millions to the owners and studio to a woman director just because they’re a woman.  What if they aren’t as good as, say the guy who created Dollhouse, Buffy, Angel and wrote/directed the Avengers. That’s equality. If a female wants the job, be as good as any of their male counterparts.

Having a job handed to you based solely on your sex is not equality. Just. Do. Better.


Kids are F’ing Weird part 2

So today after school I did what I usually do. I take the kids’ lunch bags, open them up to see what’s left and take the empty containers out to wash. Upon first inspection it appeared Parker didn’t eat her apple sauce. No big deal, rarely does a day go by that one or both of the kids don’t eat something we put in their lunches.  So I grab the pouch out of the bag….HMMMM

Does it look full??

Looks full right?  Wrong Brother!!.

EMPTY!!  She actually took the time to eat her Apple sauce, re-inflate the pouch at some point, and carefully put the lid back on for the trip home.

Kids are F’ing Weird

But as they say…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Back for More

Ok…I’m back again.  

I need your help…need motivation to write.  I do enjoy it surprisingly so I want your suggestions as to subjects to cover.  what you’d like to see, what you’d like me to stop doing etc.

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