Dareman? BatDevil? Bad Idea?

So this week I’ve decided to try to write in this thing more.  It’s been the better part of a year since my last post so naturally I’m a huge slacker.  Ok…maybe slacker is the wrong word…being the father of  2 small kids, working full time and with a side business of my own leaves little time to sit in front of a computer and write.  Well I’m going to try harder to post more often. 
The other problem that I was faced with after deciding to write again was topic.  Sure, there was lots of stuff I could write about from this past summer, new Iron Man, new Superman, convention musings, etc.  But I wanted something fresh and current, so I was at a loss.  Then yesterday it hit me, in the form of a headline I saw while CP24 played in the background…”Ben Affleck to play Batman in Man of Steel Sequel” 
Pardon?  Can this be true?  The man who help destroy Daredevil (because let’s face it, between Affleck, Garner, and Farrell that movie was an abortion) is really going to be taking over for Christian Bale as the Dark Knight.  Ok…so he’s an Academy Award winner (But not for acting) and he’s a good looking fella.  And, according to Joss Wheadon he’s got the “chin”
I was just talking about this very thing with my wife not 2 days before the announcement was made.  At the time we were watching True Blood and in particular a scene involving Sookie and Alcide Herveaux played by Joe Manganiello.  We discussed how we thought he’d be a great Batman.  He’s got the voice, physique, and yes…chin that would work for both Bruce Wayne and batman.  I mean the man was runner up to Henry Cavill in Man of Steel so to me he seems like an obvious choice.  For a new Batman I think you have to walk the line between super well known actor and unknown actor so Joe just works.  That’s why I think the last couple of choices that worked (Michael Keaton, Christian Bale) worked and the couple that, in my opinion, didn’t work (George Clooney, Val Kilmer)
Another actor I heard as a possible contender to fill the shoes was Josh Brolin.  Again…famous enough but not too famous.  He has enough of a dark, brooding personality, the good looks, voice, and, yes even the chin.  Also, if this movie is supposed to take place many years after The Dark Knight Rises, then a slightly older/middle aged Batman would be in order.  For this Brolin would have been awesome in the role I think.  But Ben Affleck, Ben Affleck?? Ugh…I just don’t know.
However, In the end, when all is said and done…

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