Why, Toronto Comic-Con, WHY?!?!

Ok…I’m about to go on and on again about something that’s got my knickers in a knot so this is a warning to all of you.  ………….Hey you’re still here…excellent.  Warning #2…this post is picture-heavy. 

Here’s my Beef of the Day…Why are the guests at the American Comic-cons so much more awesome than the Toronto Con

Looking at the Twitter feeds of a couple Celebrities I follow that were at the con and looking at the Wizard World website at some of the other Cons south of the border their guest list is somewhat more impressive than Toronto’s.  For example the New Orleans Comic-Con that was just this past weekend posted such stars as

Stan Lee (Creater of like every Marvel Character since the early 60s)

James Marsters (Spike from Buffy and Angel)

Lou Ferrigno (TV’s Hulk)

William Shatner


Kevin Sorbo (TV’s Hercules)


Diora Baird (yum)


Even a personal favourite of mine Josh “The Ponceman” Perry from a great YouTube Series called “The Retarded Police Man”.  If you’ve never seen it, get your butt over to YouTube NOW and search it out.  You will not be disappointed…Comic gold..Oh heck..here’s a sample…

Even the Philadelphia one that’s coming up has such awesome names as

Bruce Campbell


Charisma Carpenter (Buffy and Angel)

Shatner Again!!

Hayden Pannetiere

Kristy Swanson (the first Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Now Look at the somewhat mediocre list for the Upcoming Toronto Comic Con;

Scott Bakula (Quantum Leap…ok show but really?  kind of meh, and we won’t even mention Enterprise)

Jeri Ryan (Good looking, Talented  but Star Trek Voyager was so 10 years ago)
Those were the top 2…next is

Amy Acker (Dollhouse, Angel)

A couple of WWE guys who I don’t really care about as I’m not a fan of Da Raaslin, then a few other actors from tv shows I don’t really watch like the Vampire Diaries and Serenity.  Throw in a smattering of secondary Character Star Wars characters like Peter Mayhew and Jeremy Bulloch and your comic book artists and viola…TORONTO COMIC-CON!

Is it the fear of the Great White North keeping these stars away, perhaps the prohibitive cost of travel and accomodations while here? (Diora, I’m only a short drive from Toronto and I have a BYOBed that you’re welcome to any time, my basement is super comfy and has a nice TV, plus my kids are super cute, you’d love them)  Perhaps they don’t think they’ll have the fans to justify their coming..Hogwash…there were so many people there last year that any of these big stars would be more than busy.  Last year’s con had Ray Park, Billy Dee Williams, Julie Benz, few other big names as well.  I want more big stars to start coming…here is my Toronto Comic-Con Bucket List.

William Shatner – Obviously

Mark Hamil – Use your frequent flyer miles Luuuuke

Harrison Ford – I know this one is a 12 parsec long shot but come on!!  Indy and Han…Hell ya!

Felicia Day – Talent, beauty, smarts, funny, and a redhead to boot…aside from my beautiful wife, she IS the perfect woman!

Kevin Smith – I am a true believer that if I had grown up anywhere near this guy that we would be BFF’s still to this day…can dudes use the term BFF?

Bruce Campbell – The guy is just pure awesome…

Please come to Toronto…bring your BOOMSTICK

Come on Toronto Wizard World Comic Con organizers.  Get us some Excellent guests this year and maybe, just maybe I’ll reconsider skipping this year’s Festivities

…end Bitching session


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