I’m NOT That Old

Ok I have a little bone to pick with Josie Dye on the Edge 102.1…a Radio station in Toronto I listen to quite frequently.  
A couple of days ago I was in the car listening to her around the Noon hour…they do a Contest, who’s name is escaping me at the moment, where they play a snippet of a “Retro” Rock tune and the caller has to guess it and if they win they get tix to the concert de Jour yada yada yada.  Well when they played the snippet of the song I guessed it right away…and threw up in my mouth a bit all at the same time.  Guessed it right away, not because I’m a huge music knowledge guru guy, but because it was a song that I was a huge fan of.  The reason that I stifled a barf was because the song was “Hitchin a Ride” by Greenday  Released in 1997.  UMM Exqueeze me?  Baking Powder?
I’m sorry, but a song that is less than 20 years old is NOT RETRO.  When I think of Retro Rock songs I go to the Ramones, or Iggy Pop, or even 1970’s Aerosmith, not Greenday and certainly not a song that was released the Same year I graduated College.  I shall say this once and I will make it very clear and very loud…


….rant over beer time


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