The Bionic Tortoise

“We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better…stronger…faster”

Take one beloved pet tortoise, add a couple of wheels usually reserved for office furniture and got the worlds first bionic turtle (NANANANANANA)  When I read this story I was in hysterics.
According to the article in the Toronto Star today;
“Originally the adult tortoise’s owner had brought the animal into the hospital in hopes that doctors could heal an infected leg wound. The tortoise had damaged its left leg on an electrical fence that had fallen down in the garden where it lives
The team, however, had no choice but to amputate the tortoise’s entire leg after determining the infection posed a risk to the tortoise’s entire well-being.
But while animals such as dogs and cats can manage on three legs, things aren’t as easy for a tortoise with its heavy shell and sluggish movement.
The hospital’s wildlife expert, Cláudio Yudi Kanayama, came up with the next best thing: a wheel similar to a furniture caster.The doctor and his team glued a plastic shield onto the tortoise’s carapace (underside) before affixing a wheel to it.A second wheel was added a few weeks later in a follow-up appointment to give the tortoise even more balance.”
They say truth is stranger than fiction..and this is definitely the case here. I wonder what kind of life span this turtle can expect now he’s on wheels?  I guess it really depends how closely he follows his maintenance schedule.  Make sure his bearings are well lubricated, wheels rotated…do they even make a hoist for a turtle?
What’s next…a bionic dog that can dry-hump your leg at 60mph?, a bird with a 100 decibel squawk?… a cat that can ignore you faster than a speeding bullet?  
Judging by these pictures…
I hear a squeak…where’s the nearest Mr Lube


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