Month: February 2011

So Much Geeky Goodness!!

Hello Geeky Dad Peons
The last couple of weeks has been a plethora of geeky goodness and I decided to put a bunch of stuff in one post, so this may seem a bit rambley but I don’t seem to have the time to blog quite as regularly as I used to so this is what you get 🙂
First and most recent…I’M GOING TO TORONTO COMIC CON 🙂
I know it may seem strange to my readers, but I have never been to one of these things before and I am so friggin stoked!!.  My wife is even coming with me and we’re also going to take my one year old.  We hit Old Navy the other day and picked out a suitable t-shirt for both of them.  My little sweetie is going to look so cute in her “Ewok” T-Shirt, and hopefully we can get a picture of her with one of the many Star Wars related guests the Con is going to have.  Fingers Crossed for Billy Dee 🙂
Superbowl has come and gone and with it the premier of the really neat-o commercials that it brings (if you’re in the US that in Canada you have to search for them online, super lame, Thanks a lot CRTC) Anyway, one of these commercials that actually showed here in the Great White North was a trailer for the upcoming Captain America: The First Avenger.  Check it out
Now I was never really a huge fan of the story or the comic books growing up but this movie looks pretty excellent.
Another trailer that came out recently was X-men:First Class
I really really want this movie to be good.  I’m so scared they’re going to ruin the whole thing but time will tell. The trailer looks good so my hopes are high.
Couple of final things…First…I want to officially say that the post I was totally against the ipad I was totally wrong.  It’s the coolest gadget I have ever owned.  Unfortunately I have to fight my wife to use it which is no easy task. But I have got my hands on it a bit and Me likey and I’m totally addicted to Angry Birds.

I think that’s enough rambling.