I May End Up Eating my words

Some time ago I posted a blog about the then newly released iPad HERE.  If you’re too lazy to read the whole post, Readers Digest version is this…in the post I basically talked about how useless I thought the whole thing was and how I would never ever ever own one.  
Well I May end up eating my words
Yesterday I went to Future Shop to pick up a couple of things with my little girl and ended up looking around the store..just browsing as I told the many sales people who were stalking me.  As a side note, I hate that, just once I’d like to marvel over the latest gadget without some pimply faced university student harassing me to buy something.  But I digress.  So in my wandering I find a display with the iPads out to look at and play with.  Initially I rolled my eyes and fully intended on walking right past, but something in me drew me to that table.  Maybe it was the pretty display, more likely it was my gadget-loving instincts that pulled me to the table like an injured animal looks for water.  So I picked the thing up…and, Oh, My, God.  It was a pretty neat thing to play with.  I navigated through pictures and couldn’t help but think how great this thing would make my own photography look.  I had a gander at a movie or two and they looked very good.  Bottom line after my short stint playing with it
I haven’t bought one yet so I have yet to truly eat my words, but I imagine it will happen


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