Month: October 2010

Happy Birthday Bugs

Happy 70th Birthday to the coolest rabbit in show business.  To this day, Ol’ Bugs is one of my top 10 cartoon characters.  I have always felt that The Animation from Warner Brothers has been way more edgy and funny than anything with a Disney logo on it.  

Also..Happy 50th to me….blog post that is.  Happy Gobble gobble everyone


Star Wars Cha-Ching

It’s like it’s totally right here….cooooool

Ok…I really feel the need to comment on this now.  I know, I know it’s been a few days since this particular piece of news broke but it’s taken me this long to calm myself down enough to put something intelligible down on blogper (blog with paper…get it?  did I just coin a new phrase?) 

Allow me to just make something particularly clear.  I am a HUGE STAR WARS FAN!!!  I always have been.  For as long as I can remember I have been steadily watching the movies, reading the books, playing with the toys, cosplay…you name it I’ve done it.  I was only 1 year old when Episode 4 came out but that hasn’t stopped me from being one of the most devoted fans out there.  Hardly a year went by when I was in Public school that I didn’t have something Star Wars on my lunch box.  

Back in August George Lucas & Lucasfilm announced that they would be releasing The Star Wars Saga on Blu-Ray.  Which I am all for by the way.  It’s an epic space opera, and the entire reason for HD video to exist (for me anyway) is so I can see that gigantic lump on Mark Hamill’s face in Glorious High Definition as I watch “The Empire Strikes Back” In my Man-Cave.  I am literally on the edge of my seat waiting for the release date.

Then On Sept 28th, 2010 Lucas Makes me kinda scratch my head a bit when he announces that starting in 2012 all 6 Star wars movies will be converted to 3D and Re-released to theatres

Ummm what?

After typing what I did a couple of paragraphs ago, this makes it very difficult to say this.  George.  This is unnecessary and screams of cash-grab.  Sure it may be cool and all but just because Avatar made X amount of dollars doesn’t mean you have to show up Jimmy C and try to out do him.  It feels like a school yard rivalry to me…he’s got a cool New I have to go home and get myself a new thingamabob too…but this one with flashing lights and ribbons.  I have seen some movies converted to 3D that weren’t meant to be (Clash of the Titans…I’m looking at you) and it wasn’t that great.  Avatar?…excellent because the entire production and visual concepts were centered on the 3D Technology they used while filming.  Mr. Lucas…aren’t you rich enough?  You currently own THE Top Special Effects houses on the planet (for those not familiar..that would be Industrial Light and Magic), Not to mention one of the most sought after post production and post sound facilities going (Skywalker Sound).  And…you still retain all the merchandising rights to Star Wars and anything related.  You could just sit on your bearded behind and just watch the money roll in and just enjoy it.  Why Why Why George…this is probably the worst idea you’ve had since you made Greedo shoot first.


That being said…I’ll probably still go to see them all.  I haven’t seen an original trilogy Star Wars Movie on the big screen since 1997…I think I’m due.  It may make me a hypocrite, but I’m still a geeky, Star Wars Lovin’ hypocrite