Trekkie Treats are Neat

First off…I’m not commenting on the whole Lindsay Lohan crap that’s been going on lately.  Too easy, too maddening, too sad.  I don’t need to go over the preferential treatment she’s receiving and how she is never going to change unless she is placed, in rehab, for the full time she’s supposed to, and she disassociates herself from the influences that increase her temptation (i.e. drug dealers and her non supportive mommy).  LI-LO….NO MORE BLOW!!
Ahh… that I got that out of my system I’ll move on to something a little lighter and daddy related.  My little sweetie is growing up so fast.  It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home, a little speck in her car seat at a scale tipping 4 lbs (after being born at 2lbs 15oz 10 weeks early) She’s been eating now for quite a while, loving what mommy and daddy are eating more than any of the homemade or prepared baby food we give her and she loves to feed herself.  One of the things she loves to feed herself are the “Graduates” puffs by Gerber.  It should be noted that these puffs are star shaped.  Being the thrifty (i.e. tightwad) Geeky Dad I am I found a similar product at Wal-Mart that was considerably cheaper.  However, they’re shaped differently….take a look.
Live Long and Poopie

 Look familiar?  


I know I know I may be grasping at straws here…but this thing looks oddly similar to the Starfleet insignia.   Maybe it’s just my geeky dad-ness coming through yet again, but I can’t help but thinking that my baby girl is already becoming a Trekkie (I never liked the term “Trekker” Trekkie is more fun)  Being the Star Wars fan that I am I have mixed feeling on this, however, as long as she carries on my “Geeky Gene” I’ll be one happy pappy.


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