My New Favourite Hollywood Trend

The next big Star
Anyone who knows me personally knows that I have a soft spot for redheads.  I think freckles are adorable, and I love their fire.  Lately though I’ve kind of noticed a trend in music and in the celebrisphere in general.  The world is going red.  Some of the hottest actresses in Hollywierd right now are all ginger goddesses.  Take Emma Stone…a relative unknown until she appeared in the Michael Cera flick “Superbad” then BAM!! you’re seeing her everywhere.  She’s been in that movie abortion “The House Bunny” as well as other decent movies such as “The Rocker”, “Zombieland” and her newest movie “Easy A” 

Return to her old Form?
And not just her.  Watching the Emmy’s and MTV VMA’s lately I’ve noticed there is a real “Red Trend” out there.  Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, Newest Twilight addition Bryce Dallas Howard, Amy Adams, even Rhianna who performed with Eminem on Sunday night…all red…all hot and up and coming or already successful. Even Hollywood Has-beens like my favourite gossip whore Lindsay Lohan has gone back to red from previous attempts at brunette and blond.  Even though I don’t really care for her shenanigans off screen (is that a real word?…shenanigans?..if so…I have no idea how to spell it..but I digress) she looks 110% better with red hair.  Its the hair colour she got famous with and hopefully it will see a revitalization of her career.  If she ever learns to smarten up that is

I just want to say how glad I am to see the move away from the stereotypical blond hair Hollywood to a new and more ginger-friendly Hollywood. 

I love my ginger vixens and hopefully this trend will open the door for many more would-be stars that have been kind of looked past because of their fiery tresses.

Bravo Hollywood…..Bravo

Here’s Some more of my Faves

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