My Riverdance Saga

Recently I had someone ask me about a Twitter Exchange they saw on my Blog Sidebar between my friend Ann-Marie and myself.  It Went something like this
Ann Marie Pincivero   ampincivero  @usethefarce I heard that you pulled a muscle Riverdancing?! Sorry I missed that! UR hilarious. Have a great weekend. Cheers. 🙂
Geeky Dad
usethefarce Who me? Lies I tells ya.  
ampincivero @usethefarce A little bird told me. She’s a nice bird. Seems trustworthy. 🙂 
ampincivero @usethefarce But I know “Believe none of what you hear, half what you see & all that you experience.” Come Riverdance at Ribfest tomorrow!   
usethefarce @ampincivero it is true. But I’ll save you the visual. Trust me its better for both of us. Was a one time thing I’ll probably not live down 
ampincivero  @usethefarce I wish I’d been there to see the once in a lifetime performance! 🙂  
Let me explain a couple of things before I go too far.  First I work shifts…both days and nights.  Sometimes nightshifts are long and boring and often around 3 am two things happen to me.  I start to get a little silly/punchy..and I get a second wind.  Which is basically a “Perfect Storm” of comedy and embarrassment, comedy for my coworkers and embarrassment for me.
On this particular night I received an email with the following video
Now to this day I have no idea what came over me…but in talking/laughing about his video I thought it would be ok for me to regale my coworkers with my own version of the Riverdance (sans headband sadly)
Well two things happened..first I got what was possibly the biggest laugh of my life…the second?  I pulled a goddamn muscle.  Not in my legs, or hips, or even anywhere on my lower body.  I pulled a muscle….IN MY UPPER ARM…whaaa? my arm…in throwing my arms down stiffly at my sides I pulled a shoulder muscle.  Ouchie…and boy did that point out just how out of shape I am.  (I still say that I am, in fact, in shape…round is a shape damnit) 
So this twitter exchange was just lat week…the event..occurred over a year ago.  Needless to say, I will probably never live this down.  I’m also constantly being asked to recreate it..which I really can’t.  I tell people it was a once in a lifetime performance.  And if how my coworkers reacted to this time is any indication, I’ll be much more careful where I direct my 3 am silly energy in the future.
Oh…incidentally, if you enjoy music and great song writing you should check out my friend Ann-Marie’s YOU TUBE CHANNEL and Follow her on TWITTER

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