Indy News and a New Idea

Good morning friends and readers. I just finished working a 12 hr night shift so this one is going to be short and suh-weet, with a capital SUH. I read something that made me smile and wiggle in my chair a bit, as some of you may have guessed I’m a bit of an Indiana Jones fan…I loved all the movies..yes even the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, widely panned in the media but I still got all giggly when Indy put that hat on in the first couple of minutes. So I read HERE that Skull star Shia LaBeouf says he’s in talks to reprise his role as the son of Indiana Jones in a fifth movie of whip cracking, action packing awesomeness. Britain’s Daily Express reports that LaBeouf has confirmed earlier reports suggesting another Jones adventure may be in the works. Indy himself, the very awesome and incomparable Harrison Ford, had previously hinted that Doctor Jones may have enough gas left in the tank for one more go. Me likey. If this movie goes I’ll be in line first day to go see it. Sure Indy may be getting up there but he still kicks ass.
I’m also throwing around ideas about a regular weekly posting on Stigmas that Geeky people face in the media etc. So if you read this, please enter comments below and give me your ideas for a title for this weekly feature, haven’t decided on a day yet so go nuts. If I use your idea you get bragging rites and a mention of your own blog or site of your choice in the first posting of that blog


One comment

  1. Trying to catch up on your postings…. not sure if you're still planning on this down the road. I've always been partial to Wednesdays as a “geek” day…. No particular reason…. Or maybe Thursdays. I've recently come to consider Fridays as the “cool” days. So Thursdays would be just one off…. You know, cause we line up for the big, cool events early…. (so maybe that one is a stretch)

    As far as a title, maybe something like “Yeah… You're just jealous!” I'm running low on ideas right now, so they're kinda weak… Anyway, another great post though!


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