Rules Schmules, it’s Canada’s Game

So among being a fan of other things, I also tend to skew to the side of stereo-typical Canadian male and I’m also a hockey fan.  Today I read a story in The Toronto Star about how right now, as every year, they’re doing drills and experiments at training camp in order to try out some proposed new rules they’re talking about adding to the NHL.  So naturally I have to comment on all the proposed rules they’re talking about.
1. Use red mesh instead of white on nets to create better target for shooters.
Uhhhh..pass…I guess with those bright red posts and cross bar it just isn’t visible enough…lame
2. No-touch icing.
I like this idea…safer and I get no thrill out of a race for the puck to decide and icing call
3. Overtime: 3 minutes of 4-on-4, followed by 3-on-3, then 2-on-2, then shootout.
I like up to the 3 on 3…2 on 2 is stupid, it would be like having a game of HORSE to decide the outcome of an NBA game. Again lame.  I do however like the switching of ends again in the 3rd period so the benches are further from the opposing net.  So could cause bad changes and more scoring chances.
4. On delayed penalty, offending team must not only touch the puck, but control it and get it out of their zone.
More scoring chances = more better
5. Wider blue lines to increase size of offensive zone.
6. Increase goaltender crease by three inches all around for more goalie protection.
7. Shorten depth of net by four inches to increase area between net and boards.
More Skating room? Double ZZZZZ
8. After a faceoff violation, opposition centre may choose faceoff opponent.
What?  is this NHL or DDG (Duck Duck Goose)Ha

9. Second referee located off playing surface.
Are they going to make the rink bigger to accomodate all the extra people… about less refs…better calls and more video replay for anything questionable
10. Face off variation, where puck is placed on dot with faceoff commencing after official’s whistle.
Really?…are the players taking the face off required to stare at each other like in Rockey IV (You vill lose, I must break you)
11. “Hybrid” icing where linesman determines who would reach the puck first when first man gets to face off dot, thus avoiding dangerous collision.
 I like…safer and no real effect to game play
12. No icing the puck while shorthanded.
Nah…big part of the power play..don’t mess with it
As a final thought..take away the shootout and allow ties…it’s not the Olympics….it’s a points system over a loooong season.  Don’t get me wrong, I feel they are very exciting…I just don’t like having a single player decide the outcome in a team sport.

Oh..And this is my 40th Blog post…yay me


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