Nerdgasm!!…Sorry about the mess

When a monk spends years in reflection and prayer, they dedicate each and every day of their life to a higher power and to what they are truly passionate about and then one day, out of the blue they have that one moment of total enlightenment and it brings meaning for all the years and years of hard work and dedication.  Well loyal readers, the equivialant of that just happened to me today when I read that George Lucas Announced Star Wars is to be released on Blu-Ray at Celebration V.
This is the culmination of every geeky tendency that  I have had since the day I was hatched.  I am so freakin’ excited…no wait..I think I really need to swear here….I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED!!!
Also, in relation to this they have released a deleted scene from Episode VI Return of the Jedi showing Luke building his lightsaber before infiltrating Jabba’s palace.  
To say this was a minor event in my life would be a lie…two things have topped today, my wedding day and the birth of my daughter…other than those two days, today is



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