Another Trip to Lohan La La Land

I’d hate to do this to everyone but I’m about to make another posting about Lindsay “I’m a celebrity and thus have no consequences to my actions” Lohan.  The latest is that she is supposedly going to be getting out of rehab early now.  Judge Marsha Revel had previously sentenced Lohan to 90 days in a rehabilitation program, but now that Revel has recused herself from the case, Lohan’s sentence could be modified.  “My understanding from conversations with [Lohan’s lawyer] Shawn Chapman Holley is that Miss Lohan could be released early from the treatment facility,” prosecutor Danette Meyers told Radar. “It is looking as if that is what the health care professionals are going to recommend. How much earlier she could be released I’m unsure of at this point.”  Holley told Radar that her client has made significant improvement and would like to return to acting as soon as possible.  “Ms. Lohan looks very good. She looks healthy,” Holley said. “My client is looking forward to returning to work on her many creative endeavors upon her release from the treatment facility.”  
Once again the public servants are bowing to these celebrities just because they’re famous.  Or in LiLo’s case, Quasi-Famous-Semi-Hasbeen.  Oh My god….this judge should be removed from the bench for being so wishy washy. Either punish her or let her off…don’t sentence her to do time in jail and a rehab facility then rescind what you just tried to implement.  

A judge, a judge, my kindom for a decent judge


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