Things I Learned From My First Video Blog

Well…it has been around 24hrs since my first “Video” Blog and I’ve been doing the typical mulling over what the hell I just did.  Reflecting on the whole process, how it came across etc.  Although remarks at my Facebook page have been extremely positive and supportive, being my own worst critic I saw lots of stuff I want to change.  So….on this…..the “Day After” I thought I would share my reflections on the whole thing.  So with that I present
The Things I Learnd From My First Video Blog

1.        I will never get used to seeing or hearing myself on camera.  Even though I enjoyed the end result and felt it wasn’t terrible for a first time, it’s still a frickin weird feeling to be editing a video that has my moon-sized face staring back at me.

2.       It’s very intimidating to be sitting in front of a camera, even alone in my own basement with nobody else around, I found myself feeling very self conscious and very self aware.  Thoughts like ”is this stupid?” “is this funny?” “will people think I’m a narcissistic douche for even trying it” were running through my head the entire time.  I’ve always been more of a “behind the scenes” sort of person and have, frequently, been behind the camera but rarely have I ventured in front.  Kind of gives me a new respect for the men and women who do on camera and modelling work as their careers.  It’s hard.
3.       Adlibbing even a few sentences and trying to sound intelligible is way harder than I thought it would be.  I’m not a public speaker by any stretch of the imagination, but I consider myself a fairly outgoing and easy going person and figured it would be a piece of cake.  Not so much.  I stumbled on words, ummed and aaaahed my way through my spiel  and, as an added bonus, with all the stuff going through my head in point #2 made really hard to not sound like a blabbering fat-head.  Next Video blog (if there is one…who am I kidding..there probably will be) will either be scripted fully or at very least have point-form notes for me to refer to.  Hopefully it will make editing easier and make the Video Blogs better and funnier as that is my main goal…to Entertain.
4.   I have a big head…perhaps a collection of various hats can be used to combat the problem?

Well that’s what I’ve learned so far…I suppose eventually I will get better and/or find more things to criticize about myself…for now this will do. 
Stay Tuned for further updates…both written and visual 🙂
Oh..for those of you who comment on my stories back where you hear about them…be it Twitter or Facebook…just remember you can also comment on the blog posts themselves, right on this page..just click the “comment” link and fill in the form…it’s that easy.

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