Sure, Lindsay is in Jail…But Where’s The VIP Room??

As Usual…fame Whore, eternal wanna-be and Mommy to Lindsay has to chime in with her 2 cents worth.  “We’re all so happy that this is finally coming to a close,” Dina told Radar online recently. “When this first happened, we were all hysterical messes. But I’m so proud of Lindsay, she’s been so strong and positive, even under what I consider to be an extremely harsh punishment.” Humiliations that Lindsay has endured include being deprived of water (except for the water that comes out of her sink), sleeping without a pillow, and being separated from her visitors by glass.

Dina concludes that her daughter is being treated like “a common criminal” instead of the Disney princess she, uh, was?…uhhh yeah what?  She is a Common Criminal…hello…just because she’s a celebrity..not even that much anymore. 

Lindsay’s lawyer has already questioned the fairness of making the 24-year-old go straight to rehab from prison. And she doesn’t get to choose her own facility, making it less likely she’ll go to some Jacuzzi-equipped cakewalk like Promises.

How about a somewhere in Turkey?  Guantanamo??


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