Transport Canada…Humorless Travel

So Transport Canada has banned these luggage decals.  I think they’re pretty damn funny…they make your luggage look like it’s ripped open showing the alleged contents, which include bricks of cocaine, one that shows cash, one that makes it look like you have a flight attendant bound and gagged in your bag, and even one that looks like you’re carrying  a bag full of sex toys.
But a spokesperson for Transport Minister John Baird says they’re just “not funny.”  “Joking around like this could possibly be a serious violation of the aeronautics act,” James Kusie said Friday in an email to the Star. “Joking about potentially trafficking illegal substances, or worse, is not funny and the government will use the full force of the law to ensure Canadians who travel by air are safe.”
Wow…I didn’t realize that we had become some sort of up tight nation all of a sudden. I think they’re awesome…I just wish I had known about them sooner so I could get me some…Unfortunately the site that sells them says they can’t sell them to Canada anymore…to quote their site 
“Due to the statement issued by the Canadian Government through the Ministry of Transportation for Canada, will no longer sell suitcase stickers in Canada. ‘The full force of the law’ is too strong a statement to risk and we hope that at some point the Government will look around the world at some other reactions and re-consider their position.”
I guess other countries that can buy them aren’t quite as tight-assed as others, Namely CANADA

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