And the Award for Father of the Year Goes To…

This Story is just plain-ass too funny for words

Picture this, you’re a 14-year-old girl who decides to go fishing with her family. Your dad hooks a mean as shit, mouth full of teeth, four-foot-long barracuda. As happens with some Barracudas, the “top-o-the-food-chain” fish doesn’t run. It instead jumps into your boat and latches its gaping maw onto the first thing it sees…namely you, and does this


Chaos then ensues, as the family runs around the boat you’re on, trying to get away from the T-Rex of fish. Your brave daddy eventually kills it with a knife.  Family breathes a sigh of relief
You’re bleeding heavily. But before Daddy takes you to hospital, he makes you pose with him on the dock, while he holds up his trophy. Imagine Richard Dreyfuss as a 14-year-old girl, but if Jaws had chewed off his arm first.  This is possibly the Best pic Ever!!!

That’s not just physical pain. That’s seven years of teenage angst compressed into a single frame of digital awesomeness.  I would not want to pay for that girl’s therapy bills.  Bahahahahahahaha

Love it!!!


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