High Ho…High Ho…off to Jail for LiLo

Well today is the day…Ms Lohan made that walk of shame right into custody of the prison system.  I guess she lost another lawyer..you know..the guy who convinced 12 people that O.J. Simpson DIDN’T Kill his wife and her lover.  I guess he quit because she ditched her sober living facility.  Too funny..hours away from jail and she still can’t just do one simple thing.  This is why I have a problem with these celebs.  It’s their sense of fucking entitlement.  Unbelievable.  She’s in tears in court when she’s told that she’s going to jail and then ditches her Sober living facility to, if I had to guess, have one final night of partying out with her skanky celeb friends. 
Anyone else in the world would have gone to jail long before this.  Ol’ lindsay is pretty lucky and should count her blessings that she is famous.  Because if she was merely a civilian, she would already have gone to jail at least a couple of times already for her past probation violations.
Well…see ya in 90 Days, or however many days you end up serving Lindsay..we’ll miss ya
Oh and by the way…when you tap into it, you can be so talented and flat out hot…please…learn from jail…and come out better and get back to work and turning out stuff like this..

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