Mad Mel Part Two – Told ya so

I knew it, I knew it I knew it.
Ok here’s the latest on the whole Mel Gibson leaked recording fiasco that has been on every entertainment program every day for the last year, at least it feels like it.
So the latest is apparently that Mel’s Ex wife Robyn is saying that Mel was never like that with her and she stands by him.  Also Gibson’s lawyers are saying that there is hard evidence that exists that Oksana tried to extort 10 million simolians from Mel.  Also there is a picture that was “leaked” to Radar Online (translation, she thought she wasn’t getting the attention that she wanted to she sent it to the media, but is denying it) of Oksana with broken teeth that looks more like a dentist’s before picture than a photo of an abuse victim. Looks to me like I see a little hint of a smile, abuse victims don’t smile for photographs.  but People who are about to get their gnarly teeth fixed by a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist do. Very Suspicious to me.check it out

You can also check out this GREAT ARTICLE that has a very similar take on the whole thing. So I guess we’ll see how this whole thing will unfold over the coming days, weeks, months.I still stand by my “she’s a lying moneygrabbing whorebag who is just trying to make a name for herself by smearing and creating audio evidence of abuse by Mel Gibson.  I will be laughing so hard when this she-devil gets arrested for extortion and it’s discovered she engineered the entire thing.  Can you say HOAX


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