Mad Mel Beyond Blunder-dome

Let me start with a disclaimer – I do not condone violence towards women or even mistreating them.  I’m happily married and love my wife and daughter dearly.  And I believe that any sort of conflict where the child is caught in the middle is a shame
Ok…I know by now you’ve all heard the audio tape recording of Mel Gibson If not you can hear some of it HERE (or a very good sound alike, lets be real first off…there is no real proof that it’s him at this point) going absolutly bat shit crazy on the phone with his new ex.  In it you hear him berate her, verbally abuse her and all but admit he has hit her in the past.  I know it’s wrong to yell at women and hit women and abuse women especially the one you’re married to or at very least shacked up with.  It’s apparent that Mel has quite the temper as seen with his previous arrest and other run ins the media have had with him in the past.  But this tape is highly suspect for me.  First off, we only know one side of the story.  Women can be vicious, sneaky, flat out creatures (where I work is hugely female dominated, trust me…I know what I’m talking about), and we really don’t know what she’s put him thru the days, weeks months prior to this taped conversation.  It’s possible that it’s all true, he’s an abusive ass.  But think of the alternative.  What if she’s just some money grubbing gold digger that only got together with Mel for his money.  It’s possible.  She does have a child with Timothy Dalton (…Bond…the worst Bond) and it was stated on one news program I saw, she has a history of dating men only for their money.
The fact that she taped this conversation and it “leaked” to the media is also suspect (she’s denying she was the one…uhhhhh right).  Sounds to me like she wanted him to get caught and have his career ruined…or at very least have ammo for the custody battle these two are embroiled in., I mean that would be kinda stupid..she’s be better of him having a very good career to keep those child support cheques coming in so she can keep getting her brow lifts and collagen lip injections…I know you’re thinking it..I’m just saying it.  I have no proof of any of this of course…I’m just doing what I tend to do, think of the alternatives and possible scenarios.  For all we know she pushed and pushed and pushed and Mel finally snapped..and there she was, ready with her tape recorder to record probably one of the worst days of Ol Willy Wallace’s life.  
As usual the media will sensationalize this and Mel will probably never recover…Pitty…the man is a real talent, when he’s not drunkinly spouting anti-semetic sentiments while being arrested by police for DUI that is.  Bottom Line, as Billy Joel once said ” You’re only Human, You’re gonna make your share of mistakes” Aaaan backup singers (only human…ooooh oooh)

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