Bullock and B.A. Baracus

Hello loyal readership,
Ok..I know I probably don’t have “Loyal readers” but thanks for stopping by.
Couple of things in this post from the last week or so
First, this “kiss” between Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johanssen
Can I just say.  MEH  Now I love me a little girl-girl action…but this has to be the most awkward kiss I’ve ever seen.  Not Sexy.  AT all.  Which is a pitty because these are two of the most beautiful women in Hollywood today.  FAIL
Next…The Release today of the New A-Team

movie that comes out today.  I’m excited about it.  I loved the show when I was a kid and I still have a little nostalgic twinge whenever I hear those drums at the beginning credits.  News related to this is I guess Mr. T Doesn’t like the fact that people die in the movie version.  Even when I was a kid and watching the show for the first time, I thought it was a little far fetched that they would fire off all of those bullets and nobody got hurt or even grazed.  You could even flip a car right over onto it’s roof and no matter what, the badguys would crawl out of the open windows, uninjured and run back to their hideout defeated and without as much as a grazing flesh wound from the hundreds of rounds of M-16 ammo that were hitting the ground all around them.  Mr. T..you are the shit, a pop culture icon and a major league badass.  But this whole thing of you not liking that people die in a movie remake of a TV show you starred in 30 years ago sounds more like Sour grapes than a moral stance.  Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be asked to cameo in the sequel.  And I guarantee, if this think makes any money at all there will be a sequel.

Oh and in honour of the release of the A-Team today, I present this…

An Actual vehicle here in the great city of Guelph that is actually driven by someone.  I found it while walking home this morning at 6am and snapped a photo of it with my camera phone….enjoy

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