Good Lord Make It Stop

Ok this has got to stop…now.  I am getting so tired of Hollywood remaking/rebooting all kinds of my favourite movies.  Some have hit the mark (2008’s Incredible Hulk) others have missed (Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes…Ape Lincoln? Seriously?) The latest remake that’s in the works that I have read about HERE  is  1985’s Schwarzenegger Action Blockbuster “Commando”.  Though the original was full of silly one-liners and over the top action and explosions, I really think this trend has to stop.  Some movies just don’t need updating. 
For me Movie Remakes are the “reality TV shows” of film.  It’s like the studios and film makers have run out of ideas and/or creativity so they’re just pulling stuff out of a hat and saying “Hey..this made money before..lets remake it and charge the same people again to see a shitty remake of a 25  year old movie”  ugh.  I love movies.  I love what Hollywood used to be and what it used to represent.  Now it’s all about $$ and publicity.  It’s no longer about creating and art and people collaborating to create something “magical”.  It’s a bunch of stuffed shirts in a fancy room around a big shiny table talking about Money and how they can get their claws into more of it.
It’s sad and exhausting.

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