Followup – Shatner for Governor General?

So Canada can breathe a collective sigh of relief.  The wonderful actor Bill Shatner will not be campaining to be Governor general despite the support of thousands of Facebook Fans.  The Chicago Sun-Times reports. Alas, he just can’t afford the pay cut. “No way I’m giving up those Priceline commercials, plus everything else,” he says. Not that I thought that he would seriously campaign…or even have a chance I said in my previous blog…actors are good at being actors…but as a public servant and Representative of the country…I hope he sticks to acting.  I wish more actors would stick to acting and not try to sing..or dance…or do anything happy being a famous actor.

Love Ya Kirk 🙂 

As an aside if you want, like me, you can follow William Shatner on Twitter


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