From the Producers of Mama Mia…Batman-The Stage Show??

Ok..this is one of the most fucked up stories I’ve ever heard.  They are planning on making a stage show starring the caped crusader.  Ummmmmmm….what?  Am I the only one who sees how fucked up this is?? Do the producers not remember what happened to the Lord of the Rings stage show…epic fail least in Toronto.  Actually I believe the only production of this that had any sort of success is the London Stage Productions.  Critics otherwise panned this thing, and I can only imagine what the theatre critics would have to say about this abortion if it ever comes to light.  

This is just a bad idea all around.  Batman is a deep, dark, complex character.  Any stage show, no matter how much cash they throw at this thing, is not going to do this beloved character any justice.  With all the graphic novels, comic books, video games, and movies out there.  What possible story could there be to tell on stage that could not be told 1000 times better in one of the other mediums I just mentioned.  The lore and story of the caped crusader can not be told properly in a live stage setting.  Lets keep Grease and Jersey Boys on the stage and keep Batman on the big screen.  

Whats next…Spiderman the musical??  Ironman Kick line on broadway.  Give me a fricking break


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