George W. Bush….AUTHOR???

This is the upcoming novel from former president George W. Bush

This is the kind of book that people can be inspired by…where wings take dream  hehe

Seriously though..I’m looking forward to this book..I hear the paint by numbers section is absolutely incredible visually and extremely engaging, not to mention the book comes with a free pair of safety scissors so you don’t give yourself a boo boo. It also comes with a pack of crayons for the “Crawford Ranch Wildlife” colouring section.

The title has the same kind of “Bushism” Quality that he puts into his speeches and quotes.  Fool me once..shame on you…fool me twice………………you’re not gonna be fooled again.  “the Question is Rarely asked; Is our children learning”

Hmmmm…Maybe we have all have been misunderestimating him.

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