Slow News Day.  Lots of stuff in the entertainment world on Lindsay Lohan and her domestic issues with her daddy and the pettyness that accompanies it.  Then there’s all the Dancing with the Stars Crap…Kate’s gone (I loathe her by the way…did you ever see how she used to talk to her husband, she seriously needs an attitude adjustment), will the show rate without her? (short answer..yes because there are always bored housewives)  nothing really worth devoting a whole blog post.  More scandal than substance really.

Only thing that is more blog-worthy is the whole release of 3D TV…Ok..here’s my 2 cents worth.  It’s too much.  I’m a huge gadget guy..I love tech and all the stuff that comes along with it.  But when I have to wear a pair of glasses that cost hundreds of dollars just to watch a TV that they’re not even really putting out programming for yet.  Well that’s just a little too much.  I’m going to just bide my time with this one like I did with the whole Blu-Ray/HD DVD war.  I didn’t commit to a format till I knew which one would be victorious. (as an aside, I predicted right…sony lost the whole betamax/vhs war despite being a superior format, it was like it was supposed to be)  So I’m going to wait..maybe some holographic 3D TV that doesn’t require glasses.  These days Who knows


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