End to Video Game Demos?

As a pretty avid video game player this is a pretty crummy thing.  It appears that some of powers that be at various video game publishers are saying that “A free demo is a luxury we have in the game industry that we don’t have in other industries such as film.”….ummmm huh??  I guess these video game guys spend too much time in front of their graphics programs and have never seen a movie trailer.  Video game demos, for me, are an essential part of the VG purchasing process and they should, no, must continue.  Video games are expensive, especially to people younger than me who hold down “McJobs” getting paid minimum wage and put every last penny away so they can buy the latest and greatest.  These are big purchases for these kids, and would I, as an adult, buy a TV or car without giving it a test drive first? or at very least read stats/specs/reviews online?  That answer is a resounding NO!!  Good or bad, game demos allow us the consumer to separate the few games that are gold from the literally hundreds of polished turds out there passing themselves off as video game magic.  I mean, look at all the video game adaptations of movies there has been…not many worth mentioning are there?  I would say that the act of these VG houses trying to do away with  demos is a subtle way of trying to stop the consumer from getting a sneak peak and thus making us buy crappy games that will just get traded in next time we visit our local EB Games or Blockbuster store.  Just my 2 Cents.

Oh and here’s the Link to the article that spawned this post


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