Shatner as Governor General?

Ok,  For my first official post I want to comment on something that has been bouncing around in the Canadian media for a bit now.  For some reason there seems to be some wierd push to make Bill “Cap’n Kirk” Shatner our next governor general.  Now, to be fair, I think the guy is rad.  He’s a major pop culture icon, starred in one of the most successful franchises in Sci-fi history, as an actor doesn’t take himself too seriously and, to top it all off…he’s a Canadian.  But because of this should he be given the job…me thinks not.  Gov. General is a pretty important roll and should not really be held by a celebrity.  Are they really that desperate for ratings on the house of commons channel that they would put ol’ Kirky in the middle of the floor hoping that trekies (or trekers) will tune in en-masse to see the ol bill in a new bigger chair than the one he occupied for years on the USS Enterprise?  I had a bit of trouble accepting Adrian Clarkson as GG back in the day just because she was a semi celeb (as much as you can become being on the CBC) but Shatner?….Bones….it’s….too…..much. 

In my limited experience, actors for the most part are a pretty eccentric and flakey bunch.  Great people for the TV and movies but as the Queen’s rep in our government… no likey.  Canada already has a hard enough time on the world stage being taken seriously.  Can you imagine if Governor General TJ Hooker was one of the ways we got our identity in the world media?  Like I said..I like the an actor…Leave the acting to the actors and leave politics to the politicians.


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