Month: April 2010

iPad sHmipad

Ok…let me start off by saying this.  I love Apple.  I love their products, I love their ad campains, I own a lot of their products.  The newest bit of Apple tech, the Apple iPad is released here in Canada on May 29th, 2010.  Here’s the thing…I COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE APPLE IPAD.  I mean, what is this thing really for?  It seems completely like a useless piece of tech..nothing but pure, unadultarated gadgetry…look at this thing
It looks like something a guard would carry in a futuristic prison break movie, like if they remade “The Running Man” or something. Which, with current trends, is bound to happen sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time, but I digress.  It’s not really good for editing images, it’s not really meant to be used for data entry or word processing. It’s basically an iPod Touch on Steroids from the look of this thing, right down to the “home” button on the bottom.  Even Jon Stewart, who also loves Apple’s products joked about it, calling  this thing “the even bigger iPhone that doesn’t make calls”…I believe he also then made some sort of joke about how he uses it to make his children think he’s shrinking.  Love it.  I’m not going to use this thing to browse the internet or play music, I’d need a backpack to carry the monstrosity.  I can see, possibly, maybe, perhaps,  that watching a movie on it may be ok, but really…there are other ways.
I’ve even seen it used on one of those entertainment news shows by one of the anchors.  Picture this… Sicily, 1930….oh wait…didn’t mean to go all “Golden Girls” on you all.  Sorry.  But Picture this…camera shot over the shoulder of the entertainment show anchor as he talks about photos of celebs canoodleing at a restaurant having dinner, all the while manipulating these photos on the iPad he’s holding in his hand.  Using dramatic finger sweeps to move through the photos and very stilish pinching movements to zoom in and out.  I’m sorry…but this is a blatant product placement, not to mention a vain attempt to make a piece of tech appear useful when it really isn’t….what a load of sea pickle.  All in an attempt to appear “trendy” and “current” to their viewers.  I just sat in my recliner and shook my head (I think my wife thought I was coming down with the parkinson’s is was shaking so hard) and in the’s so light weight, it wouldn’t even make a good boat anchor…sigh.

I can tell you this, in all certainty, I will NEVER, NEVER, EVER be buying the iPad, or as I prefer to call it…iPaperweight.


From the Producers of Mama Mia…Batman-The Stage Show??

Ok..this is one of the most fucked up stories I’ve ever heard.  They are planning on making a stage show starring the caped crusader.  Ummmmmmm….what?  Am I the only one who sees how fucked up this is?? Do the producers not remember what happened to the Lord of the Rings stage show…epic fail least in Toronto.  Actually I believe the only production of this that had any sort of success is the London Stage Productions.  Critics otherwise panned this thing, and I can only imagine what the theatre critics would have to say about this abortion if it ever comes to light.  

This is just a bad idea all around.  Batman is a deep, dark, complex character.  Any stage show, no matter how much cash they throw at this thing, is not going to do this beloved character any justice.  With all the graphic novels, comic books, video games, and movies out there.  What possible story could there be to tell on stage that could not be told 1000 times better in one of the other mediums I just mentioned.  The lore and story of the caped crusader can not be told properly in a live stage setting.  Lets keep Grease and Jersey Boys on the stage and keep Batman on the big screen.  

Whats next…Spiderman the musical??  Ironman Kick line on broadway.  Give me a fricking break

George W. Bush….AUTHOR???

This is the upcoming novel from former president George W. Bush

This is the kind of book that people can be inspired by…where wings take dream  hehe

Seriously though..I’m looking forward to this book..I hear the paint by numbers section is absolutely incredible visually and extremely engaging, not to mention the book comes with a free pair of safety scissors so you don’t give yourself a boo boo. It also comes with a pack of crayons for the “Crawford Ranch Wildlife” colouring section.

The title has the same kind of “Bushism” Quality that he puts into his speeches and quotes.  Fool me once..shame on you…fool me twice………………you’re not gonna be fooled again.  “the Question is Rarely asked; Is our children learning”

Hmmmm…Maybe we have all have been misunderestimating him.


Slow News Day.  Lots of stuff in the entertainment world on Lindsay Lohan and her domestic issues with her daddy and the pettyness that accompanies it.  Then there’s all the Dancing with the Stars Crap…Kate’s gone (I loathe her by the way…did you ever see how she used to talk to her husband, she seriously needs an attitude adjustment), will the show rate without her? (short answer..yes because there are always bored housewives)  nothing really worth devoting a whole blog post.  More scandal than substance really.

Only thing that is more blog-worthy is the whole release of 3D TV…’s my 2 cents worth.  It’s too much.  I’m a huge gadget guy..I love tech and all the stuff that comes along with it.  But when I have to wear a pair of glasses that cost hundreds of dollars just to watch a TV that they’re not even really putting out programming for yet.  Well that’s just a little too much.  I’m going to just bide my time with this one like I did with the whole Blu-Ray/HD DVD war.  I didn’t commit to a format till I knew which one would be victorious. (as an aside, I predicted right…sony lost the whole betamax/vhs war despite being a superior format, it was like it was supposed to be)  So I’m going to wait..maybe some holographic 3D TV that doesn’t require glasses.  These days Who knows

End to Video Game Demos?

As a pretty avid video game player this is a pretty crummy thing.  It appears that some of powers that be at various video game publishers are saying that “A free demo is a luxury we have in the game industry that we don’t have in other industries such as film.”….ummmm huh??  I guess these video game guys spend too much time in front of their graphics programs and have never seen a movie trailer.  Video game demos, for me, are an essential part of the VG purchasing process and they should, no, must continue.  Video games are expensive, especially to people younger than me who hold down “McJobs” getting paid minimum wage and put every last penny away so they can buy the latest and greatest.  These are big purchases for these kids, and would I, as an adult, buy a TV or car without giving it a test drive first? or at very least read stats/specs/reviews online?  That answer is a resounding NO!!  Good or bad, game demos allow us the consumer to separate the few games that are gold from the literally hundreds of polished turds out there passing themselves off as video game magic.  I mean, look at all the video game adaptations of movies there has been…not many worth mentioning are there?  I would say that the act of these VG houses trying to do away with  demos is a subtle way of trying to stop the consumer from getting a sneak peak and thus making us buy crappy games that will just get traded in next time we visit our local EB Games or Blockbuster store.  Just my 2 Cents.

Oh and here’s the Link to the article that spawned this post

Shatner as Governor General?

Ok,  For my first official post I want to comment on something that has been bouncing around in the Canadian media for a bit now.  For some reason there seems to be some wierd push to make Bill “Cap’n Kirk” Shatner our next governor general.  Now, to be fair, I think the guy is rad.  He’s a major pop culture icon, starred in one of the most successful franchises in Sci-fi history, as an actor doesn’t take himself too seriously and, to top it all off…he’s a Canadian.  But because of this should he be given the job…me thinks not.  Gov. General is a pretty important roll and should not really be held by a celebrity.  Are they really that desperate for ratings on the house of commons channel that they would put ol’ Kirky in the middle of the floor hoping that trekies (or trekers) will tune in en-masse to see the ol bill in a new bigger chair than the one he occupied for years on the USS Enterprise?  I had a bit of trouble accepting Adrian Clarkson as GG back in the day just because she was a semi celeb (as much as you can become being on the CBC) but Shatner?….Bones….it’s….too…..much. 

In my limited experience, actors for the most part are a pretty eccentric and flakey bunch.  Great people for the TV and movies but as the Queen’s rep in our government… no likey.  Canada already has a hard enough time on the world stage being taken seriously.  Can you imagine if Governor General TJ Hooker was one of the ways we got our identity in the world media?  Like I said..I like the an actor…Leave the acting to the actors and leave politics to the politicians.